Votella is Coming to Georgia!

Among Us has taken the country by storm,
and Votella is bringing it to Georgia.

Join us on Twitch to help drive turnout in the Senate elections. We're livestreaming at

starting at

December 15th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST

Why  you  should  join

Join thousands of Americans to learn more about the Georgia special elections scheduled for January 5 while having fun playing or watching the live streamed Among Us tournament! Players also have the opportunity to win prizes and special experiences.

Who  will  be  there

As always, Votella is FREE to attend. We welcome everyone to join, regardless of age, party, or geography!

What’s  the  goal

The big picture goal is to ensure representation where its historically been missing, something vital to the future of our union. We are fighting to make the change we wish to see. To play, you’ll need to donate to one of our partner non-profits, and winners will receive special prizes! As always, Votella is FREE to attend.